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Collaboration with American novelist Alysia Helming for new US TV show and more..

It all started when the American novelist, Alysia Helming, was searching online to find an inspiration for "Ever Sarantos", one of the heroes of her book called Protogenesis (amazon best-seller as self-published title). And she found Greek Rock Star Kostas Martakis.

The book will be officially published by Black Rose Publishing on November 9th 2017, the amazing story behind the writing of the book is turning into a US TV series and their collaboration is a reality! The filming for the TV series will be set in both Greece and the US and broadcasted by a US network under the title Meet Me in Greece. The TV series is based on the novelist's life as she's drawn to Greece and meets Kostas Martakis as part of the writing process of her novel, Protogenesis, which unites Greek mythology and science fiction through the romantic story of a 17-year old American girl in Greece. Find out more about the Meet me in Greece TV show on 

Kostas Martakis and Alysia Helming's most recent collaboration was for the short-film series, Footsteps in Athens, hosted by the singer and inviting the public to travel to Greece and explore our country's magic as narrated through the book. The films are available on

Martakis is now an active owner in Protogenesis Media Inc, a driving force on the creative team for the upcoming American TV series Meet Me in Greece and in the meantime he is also preparing to release the theme song and music video for the best-selling American novel Protogenesis, Forever & Tonight

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