Poster Martakis Allos Anthrwpos B.jpg

Kostas Martakis - Allos Anthropos

Music: Christos Santigkai Lyrics: Grigoris Vaxavanelis

Directed by: Alexandros Kostelidis

I was a standup guy

who always thought the best of people

I asked for little and gave out a lot

You came out of nowhere

and tote my heart away from my body for ever


I always planned everything ahead and tried to be correct

And then as if by divine intervention I seem to be losing my foothold

I have you and things are so different


Because of you I am a different person

My life turned upside down just by having you

Because of you I am a different man altogether

My heart can't stop loving you to excess

I was a standup guy with values and principles

causing no trouble

One look from you was enough to change me

and the way I look at things

I am at your mercy

© 2020 Kostas Martakis